Agriculture must mediate between nature and the human community, with ties and obligations in both directions. To farm well requires an elaborate courtesy toward all creatures, animate and inanimate
— Wendell Berry, Bringing It to the table

About Me

Foxglove Flower Farm is managed and operated by Dylan Fishman:

I just graduated from Montana State University’s Sustainable Foods program with a concentration in sustainable crop production. Over the years, I’ve worked for many different organic diversified vegetable farms in both Illinois and Montana including Prairie Farm Corps, Rocky Creek Farm, Three Hearts Farm, and Towne’s Harvest Garden. I have a passion for small scale agriculture, good food, and beautiful flowers. This is my first year focusing solely on flowers, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to provide joy and beauty in the form of beautiful blooms for all of Bozeman this coming summer.


Farm Philosophy

Well, this is a subject I could write a book on, but I’ll give you an overview:

Farming to me is a vast, complex system of interdependence. We know so little about the beautiful mysteries of soil, bacteria-plant-fungi relationships, and everything that goes into a truly healthy plant. My work is to play in these mysteries to see what I can observe and influence, and what more could I want?

I believe in natural production methods without the use of chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or GMO crops. I don’t think these tools are inherently evil. Abuse of these tools is harmful, and I strive to use other tools that have less potential harm. More importantly, I aim to culture a farm system that mimics the natural ecosystem to promote plant and animal biodiversity, soil health, and productivity.

My production methods are completely transparent, and I welcome any questions, in person, or by email, about how and why I farm the way that I do.



I’m leasing land from Rachael and Josh Hicks who own Three Hearts Farm. I worked at Three Hearts Farm and fell in love with the intention they cultivate on their land. Rachael and Josh embody the agricultural spirit by caring for their land intimately, managing indoor cultivated space, outdoor cultivated space, ducks, cows, and raising four amazing boys. For the 2019 season I’ll be leasing a 30 x 70 ft hoop house, about 1/4 acre of outdoor growing space, and I’ll be living on their property.