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Looking for flowers for a friend, your home, or an event? Want a unique date idea? Maybe just a reason to be outside with nature and soak up some sun?

Come on out to the farm and pick your own flowers! U-pick is the cheapest option to get fresh cut, local flowers - and the best part is that you get to decide what you get!

Foxglove Flower Farm is located on a beautiful property only 15 minutes from downtown Bozeman, and is a beautiful escape from the crowds of main street and the busy local trails. Come get outside, be creative, and see how a small scale flower farm operates.

How It Works:

  1. Make an appointment (bottom of this page) or show up during our designated U-Pick hours.

  2. If you don’t see me or another employee give me a call at (406) 404-6707 and let me know you’re here.

  3. Choose a wide-mouth quart mason jar ($12) or a bucket ($35), grab some flower snips, and the U-Pick instruction sheet.

  4. Use your U-Pick instruction sheet to find: the flowers you want, how to harvest this flower, and how to care for them.

  5. Bring your flowers back to the processing area, prep them to take home, and enjoy your beautiful blooms!

Please Note:

  • We encourage you to make an appointment or arrive as early in the day as possible! This will ensure that your flowers go home with you in the best condition possible! The hot afternoon sun during harvest can really lower the quality of certain species.

  • Bring a water bottle, a hat, and some sunscreen! Stay safe in the sun. Tap water is available for refills.

  • Dogs and other animals are not allowed on the farm - there is livestock here, and we don’t want to stress them out!

  • There are bees on-site at the farm. If you or anyone you’re with is allergic please proceed with caution and at your own risk.

  • Please supervise children closely. This is my passion and livelihood and it’s very easy to step on or hurt plants in various ways.

Foxglove Flower Farm, 2111 Love Lane Bozeman, MT 59718 (sign at the entrance says Three Hearts Farm)

U-Pick appointments for 2019 are now officially closed - please check back with us next season to schedule an appointment!