Web Design Services

Of all the things I use to promote my business and sell our flowers, having a website is by far the most effective. No longer needing to have a show farm to accommodate eager customers, I have been able to create a virtual farm for them to visit and learn more about what we offer anytime day or night. They can take a tour of our gardens, learn about our growing practices and philosophies, meet me and my family, see a wedding portfolio and a sampling of bouquets photos and find ways to have our flowers in their life — all without ever having to actually talk to me in person. It’s like having a second me available 24/7.
— Your website is your best marketing tool, Erin Benzakein

As a farmer, value-added food processor, or rancher there seems to be little light of day to get behind the computer and put serious work into web design. Harvest, maintenance, and relationships seem to take up entire days, and marketing can often be put on the back burner. Yet, most first impressions of farms come from customers visiting our websites. A well-designed, easy to navigate, and beautiful website can not only increase sales and good first impressions, but it can also make your life easier and more streamlined overall. You’re in good hands here - I have years of experience as a marketing manager for a small scale, organic, vegetable operation and have built a strong local marketing presence for my newest endeavor, Foxglove Flower Farm. I realized the need for affordable web design services for farmers and want to help you reach your fullest potential with your business.

We offer affordable:

  • Website creation service via Squarespace

  • Website update service for Squarespace

  • Marketing and social media consultation


  • $25/hr for all design and update services

  • $15/hr for all marketing consultation

  • Free email support for customers

To inquire about design or marketing services, please send me an email or give me a phone call.